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Solutine brings you closer to the motivated people and things that make you happy. Solutine helps you build a better version of yourself through motivating content, positivity, and things that make you happy and peaceful.
We aim to connect you with excellent Certified Life Coaches and Professional Motivational Speakers to develop skills, grow, accept yourself, innovate your life with new changes, stay positive get Clarity in Life and Mindfulness.

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An easy platform to find the right solutions adequately through the right coach. Solutine: A life-enriching resources hub featuring Motivational Sessions, Blogs, Posts, Webinars, Life Coachings, and more. Avail accessible Life Coaching Services and Motivational Platform from various fields of life through our app – Solutine. We aim to help you; connect with excellent certified professionals to build a better version of yourself.

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  • Motivational Speakers

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  • ICF - Life Coach Training

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SOLUTINE help organizations and their employees to assess their Psychological Safety, develop customized interventions for Positive mindset and Healthy work culture.

With the help of our Certified Coaches & Speakers we aim to provide increased organizational efficiency by creating elevated morals, high job awareness and Motivated mindset. Our Coaches and Speakers at Solutine understands the challenges and needs of the organization. With proven experience and latest highly effective methodology we help the organizations to overcome the challenges.

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Solutine aims to empower people across the world; globally to live the life they would love to. We are confident about the positive effects individuals gain through life coaching. Through motivational sessions and discussions with life coaches, an individual will be able to make decisions wisely, perform confidently, help increase productivity, gain knowledge to solve problems step by step and develop skills to motivate self daily to balance all types of lifestyles.





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What our users have to say about Solutine Solutine aims to help you connect with excellent certified professionals to build a better version of yourself.
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We wish to connect you with our Saarthi’s who can direct, and guide you to find yourself, make your choice of life, and get your tangled nerves out of your perplexed state of mind.

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We are open to Collaboration with B2B verticals such as Schools, Colleges, Corporates, Industries, NGO’s, Institutions to provide Life Coaching. We aim to increase the Mental Health Awareness and Importance of Life Coaching in individual’s life to balance their Mental Health and maximize peace.
Let’s add value to people’s life to motivate them to find solutions to their problems through the Solutine Platform. Let’s unite and help individuals to practice motivation daily to stay positive & Happy.
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