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How To Start Eating Healthy | Most Proven Tips And Tricks

Down the line, these choices become a neural pathway in your brain which you subconsciously take without giving it a second thought. So by default, you’ll move towards a cookie more than khichdi or something boring.

Why do we make such choices?

There are a couple of reasons why we make such unhealthy choices even after realising that we are not eating healthy –

  • Our fear that we might lose our favorite foods
  • We dread the obligation and “must” of eating boring healthy food
  • Anxiety when it comes to losing a coping mechanism
  • We convince ourselves that we can avoid health issues by eating unhealthy
  • We crave the excitement somewhere when we are dealing with boredom or same thought patterns

Sounds familiar, right?

However, we all know that change is scary, especially when we don’t know where and how to start.

Although, Here Are Some Key Ways By Which You Can Start Eating Healthy:

  1. Start tapping into your motivation for eating healthy:It isn’t uncommon for us to give up our long-term success for short-term relief. However, this can be overcome by tapping into what motivates you most and by reminding yourself that your end goal is worth the current sacrifice.Just imagine, TODAY you decide to do things differently than you used to. Imagine yourself 5 years from now and you’re on the same path as now where you are striving physically and mentally as well as enjoying your fruits of success, doesn’t it feel good? It’s not about big changes in one day, it’s about small changes down the road. Allow yourself to think differently and make changes weekly or monthly.Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a task, rather a fun & nourishing activity.
  2. Start eating healthy by making it un-boring:When it comes to weight loss and eating healthy, all we can think about is the boring food we’ll have to consume. And this isn’t your mistake- we’ve grown up in a society where we are constantly under the fear of judgement & being left out. In such an environment, we are bound to feel that eating healthy is like a medicine, when in reality it’s a necessity for a healthy life.Once you start changing your mindset into a growth mindset, you begin to start taking care of yourself in multiple ways, one of them being, eating healthy. Start by making your favourite foods at home, start simply by a google search and you will come across hundreds of recipes that appeal to your taste buds. Cooking healthy food at home can turn you into a fan of eating healthy. Extra touches and garnishes can take your food from “oh so boring” to “damn this is tasty”. For example- the trendy smoothie bowls that look oh so aesthetic are one of the most healthy AND delicious foods of all time.The change starts with you & within you- start discovering it.
  3. Start small:Pick a small step that you can get done today. That’s all. We don’t expect anyone to become millionaires in one day. Similarly, we shouldn’t expect ourselves to become magically fit in just a month.It takes time and persistence to make durable changes throughout your life that actually positively affect your life.What we need to work towards are simple, small and broken down steps that will walk us through the whole process of change in a sustainable approach. Start by eating healthy at least once a day, and once you develop that habit, start incorporating more healthy food. Just remember, one day, one meal at a time.

Now that you have the idea of how to start eating healthy, here are some small steps that you can start with:

  1. Stick to your grocery list: Have you ever entered a grocery store, and immediately gotten attracted to the big packet of chips, or a chocolate bar, even though you know you don’t need it? Yes, right?Make a list and literally force yourself into the habit of following it. This will make you buy only those ingredients that’d help you in eating healthy.
  2. Avoid all unnecessary Meal Courses: Everyone, including you, starts getting influenced by different courses of appetizers, desserts, and all that!Following this trend usually results in overeating and indulging in different kinds of foods. What you need to do is figure out your optimal nutritional requirement depending on your daily routine, and your realistic needs. Doing this will help you in eating healthy, and eating what you actually require.Switch to healthy substitutes: Switch up your choices for healthier options. For example, Switch pasta for spaghetti or wheat pasta, switch dairy milk for soy or almond milk.And hey! Bonus point- these substitutes are available right now in a wider range- making it easy for you to make this change.Start small but start healthy. Keep on reminding yourself that all of this change is for your overall well being.

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